Monday, May 31, 2010

A new episode, the 11th, of Rabbit Light Movies is up. In it, I read a poem called "Because It Comes Right at You Does Not Mean It Comes to Save You." Check it.

Eureka Springs, Arkansas. 8320 miles.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Buffalo River near Gilbert, Arkansas. 8250 miles.

My 3 week poetry workshop in Conway, Arkansas. We meet in a different place every day. This day we met at the Toad Suck dam. 

Thursday, May 27, 2010

This is a screen-printed broadside of my poem, "Terrible Deer," designed and printed by Denny Schmickle. The poem was originally published in LIT as indicated in the first image here, but the word Lit was removed in the final printing. We printed editions of 30, all signed and numbered by the both of us. Black and glow ink (the second image is what the broadside looks like in the dark).

They cost $50. I am planning on selling a few of them at upcoming readings, though if you would like to purchase one directly from me, I'll ship it to you free of charge. Email me. Ok?

I'm always reluctant to put my poems on my blog, but in this case it seems appropriate. Here's the poem on the broadside: 


I am in a hospital bed when I feel an overwhelming pain in my stomach. I am sure I am going to die if I don’t get any help. Nurse! Nurse! I yell, but no nurse comes. There are no signs of any nurses. There are no signs of any other patients. There are no signs that electricity has been invented. There is no glass in the windows. I get up from the bed and walk slowly out into the corridor. Some papers are swept up in a breeze across the floor. Someone please help me! My water broke! My pleas echo in the cold expanse. And then it finally happens. The terrible deer that has been clawing and biting at my insides for years crashes out of me and spills onto the tiles. It then quickly leaps into the night through the window. I can hear it dash through the bushes. I can hear it splash into the ocean. I can hear it tear at the air in the sky. It is the world’s problem now. 

Tulsa, Oklahoma. 8007 miles.

That fifth photograph from the top is significant to me because it is of the random house that Denny used for the cover of The Man Suit.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Two new chapbooks now officially available from Octopus Books

HOW by Emily Pettit
Edition of 200
$8 (includes shipping)

HORNET HOMILY by Patrick Culliton
Edition of 200
$8 (includes shipping)

Buy them through paypal here

Thursday, May 13, 2010

As promised earlier, if you tattoo yourself with my poems, I will blog about you:

Brittany Dennison, you tattooed the The Man Suit's black and white telephones onto the lowest rung of your left rib cage (assuming photo is reversed). You and I are poetically and spiritually linked for life. Take good care of those phones. If they tickle or tingle, that is Carlos. He is trying to call you. Please remember never to answer.