Wednesday, January 17, 2007

My chapbook of poems, Abraham Lincoln's Death Scene, is now available from horse less press. Hoorah!

Go buy it here. It will cost you $5 (aha, $5. Coincidence? Yes).

You should get this if you like/don't like Abraham Lincoln and/or death scenes (bloody + fiery). The above is not the cover image, but I will try to post the cover image as soon as I can snap a picture of it. There is no cover image on the horse less press site either--I'm told it is too incredible to be photographable (I have not yet actually seen it). I guess you'll have to buy it: whoa ho ho yesssss.

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garylmcdowell said...

Congrats, Zach. I'll be picking up a copy soon. (You going to AWP? I applied to UN-L's PhD program and would love to pick your brain... if you're up for it, of course).

Again, congrats on the chappy!