Monday, May 21, 2007

Mathias comes back from his long road trip today. So I imagine we'll be splitting up some April manuscripts and talking issue #9. #9 should be up before I take off for Alaska (June 8--the day my sister turns 18). If you were going to do a piece for us for #9, that slow downward sliding door is nearing the ground, Indiana Jones.

Gonna pull some more weeds today. Listen to tunes. Tunes and weeds. Maybe I'll send some poems out later. I've been writing a lot lately and I haven't sent out since last fall.

Got The Hot Garment of Love is Insecure by Elizabeth Reddin in the mail yesterday. I ate half of it up last night and am saving the other half for tonight. It made me write a poem about a black hole. I badly want the other two books (pictured above) from UDP too. I need to go sell some blood now.

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