Wednesday, November 21, 2007

If you live in Missoula, or within some sort of reasonable radius of Missoula, you should listen to the New Lakes Poetry Radio Show on Thursday nights from 8-10 on 89.9. If you don't live in Missoula, you should check this out. You like poems? You like my poems? You like songs? This will get you through the holidays.


Zachary Schomburg said...

Hey Brandon Shimoda,

Are podcasts of the entire program ever available? Possible? Man, I want this program in my life. I want a relationship with it.


EKF said...

Since you posted a comment on your own blog I will take this opportunity to make my first blog comment ever. A way of "connecting," if you will.

Here it is:

I can't find a way to hear our poem!

New Lakes said...

Z + E

hello dear friends and dear strangers. are you hungry this morning? i will mail you both onion rings.

in the meantime, we're working on making entire broadcasts available of our radio show, via web or CD or somehow. BUT --- i put up a more comprehensive post, including the recitation from your collaborative project.

you know what? we should have a collaborative poetry festival somewhere in the U.S. --- you and you, JMW + NEG, MS + JC, RS + AT, THE PINES, KG + JT, etc. etc!


EKF said...

B & Z--

I want to do this (collaborative poetry festival glorius maximus). So bad. I've so far made one feeble attempt here in Seattle/Portland for a grant and am determined to keep at it.

I will listen the poem now. Thanks for posting.