Wednesday, August 13, 2008

For an hour, I watched a guy on an acid trip threaten to jump from his first floor window.
Here is that video I mentioned in the comments section. There are about 16 F-bombs in it, in 56 seconds. Just so you know. 


Amish Trivedi said...

I hope you're not serious. Is he all right?

Or is gullible written just above me?

Zachary Schomburg said...

I am serious. And I left before he jumped, if he jumped. But I can't imagine he could have possibly done any more damage to himself other than maybe twisting an ankle. I did see him puke though. I got that on video. Maybe I'll post it.

carlinthemarlin said...

Wait, so that's what's splattered all over his pants? Gross.

Amish Trivedi said...

Anyone read the Sedaris essay on almost seeing a woman die?

Not quite the same, obviously, but same idea, right?

Well, it is close to the ground, and if I learned nothing else from The Dark Knight this week, close drops are ok and can even be fun!

Drew said...

The view from inside.

The puke stains are still there, and the window is still busted. I almost contained the freakout by coaxing our neighbor to take it out to the park, to tell all the people. Instead, he climbed out the landing window and yelled at the cops for an hour and a half. The cops didn't let us in on the drama after the eventual arrest, so this video is the first explanation of what went on!