Saturday, December 13, 2008

My poem, "If Great Lakes," was read and emulated by 285 public school fifth graders from Chicago. 

Jorge P wrote:

a little later she described our dialogue as cheese. 
She became upset because we had no more cheese. 
Weeks later we had a lot of cheese. 


Flynn said...

Yo Zachary, Here are more posts, these ones from third graders. The poems are written in a thirty minute session, so I leave them unedited, as many amusing mispellings occur.

All the best, Tyler

Alisa H / Jake G said...

That is the best. Really the best.

helene said...

Janet L:
Then I would become an ocean
I would become an ocean
That gets its water beep.
I would become a fish
But also try for protection.

So good.

leadright said...

i'm from michigan! this post was wonderful.