Friday, January 09, 2009

New album acquisitions I will listen to as soon as I can stop listening to Perfect From Now On (Built to Spill) and What Fun Life Was (Bedhead):

Fakebook by Yo La Tengo
Some Small History by Portastatic
Nine Black Poppies by The Mountain Goats
Secret Reason by Low
One More Reason to Forget by Low
Pink Hearts, Yellow Moon by Dressy Bessy
The Last Match by Aisler's Set


Dusty said...

That is, undoubtedly, the best Built to Spill album out there, so like good for you, sir! Also: is that a new Low record? Someone's using his Christmas iTunes gift cards tomorrow!

Zachary Schomburg said...

That BTS album is mos def one of my favs. But I'm pretty recent to it, so I can't stop. They came to Portland and played that album straight through last fall. At that point, I dove right back in and haven't come up for air yet. And oh no, I mistyped. I got Low's Secret Name, not Secret Reason. Sorry to excite you over nothing. I did get their latest though, Drums and Guns, which only made me miss their old stuff.