Monday, March 16, 2009

Smallpressapalooza is tonight at Powells. There'll be $14 beer bongs, overworked port-a-potties, lots of b.o. and a chance you may be groped. 

5:00 Starlite Motel ("Night Bomb")
5:15 Zachary Schomburg ("The Pond")
5:30 Tim Sproul ("How to Leave Your Hometown for Good")
6:00 Ronault L.S. Catalani AKA Polo ("Counter Culture")
6:15 Emiko Badillo ("Broken Hipster" zine)
6:30 Matt Briggs ("The End Is the Beginning")
7:00 Moe Bowstern ("Xtra Tuf" zine)
7:15 Karen Giezyng ("Bumpstart" zine)
7:30 Lia Cunningham ("The People I Love Best" zine)
8:00 Molly McNett ("One Dog Happy")
8:15 Benjamin Parzybok ("Couch")
8:30 Evan Schneider ("Boneshaker" zine)
9:00 Samuel Ligon ("Drift and Swerve")
9:15 Jeff Stewart ("March of Time & Skin")
9:30 Riley Michael Parker ("Our Beloved 26th")

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