Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I participated in a panel last weekend on translation theory sponsored by the Washington Poetry Association at the Richard Hugo House in Seattle. That's me looking to the side. 

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Deb Watt said...

Hi Zachary! I sat next to you during The Translation Experiment and was very impressed. You were calm and wise ... I was nervous and lost all sense of verbal direction! Anyways, I would like to put music to one of your poems, if you agree to it. You can listen to what I did to Mimi's "woolie when" poem by going through I have a MySpace that'll play you a couple pieces. Iroko-Tree is composed using another poets lyrics. If you think this would be fun...then let me know where I can peruse some of your work, or give me a couple pieces that you think would do well lit up with melody. deb