Tuesday, May 05, 2009

I've been working with Denny on the cover for Scary, No Scary, which is a process that makes me very happy. Book covers are very important. It's not true to say that they're not important. They're something I'll think about if I can't get to sleep at night, or something I'll think about when I wake up. I've also decided I hate about 90% of most poetry book covers. Why haven't they caught up with the cover design of contemporary fiction? Why are they glossy? This is unacceptable. 


jwg said...

I hate glossy covers too. Is it a POD deal? Not sure what the options are.

David (Michael) Wolach said...

Go to sleep thinking of book covers... me too. My thinking: Contact Drucker. If she's unavailable, there's always Steven Hendricks. Probably the best fiction-oriented book artist that I know of. Biased, of course. But he's now running a micro press with a couple other Chicago Art Institute alumnae - recently did a small run Toscano book, if I recall... Glossy. The term makes me shiver.