Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Today I will finish up this latest draft of my Ph.D. Comprehensive exams. I will buy a present/card for my sister and send it to her in the mail so that it arrives in time for her birthday. She will turn 20. I am now 32. I had a dream last night about Mathias. He was in the pain zone but I was too busy saving cats in the closet. I have to grade my students' portfolios this weekend. I have to grade my other students' film analyses this weekend. I have been writing a very long prose poem lately. I have a painting in my head that I want to paint and maybe I will do that next week after I get my grading done. Last night EKF and I went on a walk to get ice cream but we ended up getting tacos instead. It was sunny out for a while but now it is cloudy. I have been reading about 5-10 poetry manuscripts (which were submitted to Octopus Books) every night before I go to bed. Today I will both take a shower and eat cheap sushi for lunch, but not at the same time. Sometimes I feel a little like that picture at the top of this post, like now. 

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