Monday, September 28, 2009

This doesn't happen to poets like us too often, so my head is about to fall off with appreciation and anticipation. This very talented art collective from Chicago has chosen to dedicate their annual halloween gallery show to my first book, The Man Suit. The show is called "The Monster Hour," after the book's first poem, and will include sculpture, installation, photography and mixed media which will interpret some of those poems. I'll have some of my poem films from Scary, No Scary playing on a loop on the wall as well. It will all take place in an old Wurlitzer factory in DeKalb, IL. This is amazing because the monster in "The Monster Hour," who consistently tried to kill everyone in the audience, was replaced by a gorilla in people clothes who would come on stage and play the Wurlitzer. He would play a Wurlitzer, and this show is going down in a Wurlitzer factory! Oh, man. I think there is a chance I finally meet this Carlos character--I think he's going to be there. This is exactly the kind of thing he would show up to. I'll be careful. Anyway, this Friday night is opening night. I'll be there to read some poems. You should come. You really should.  

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Matthew Thorburn said...

That sounds very, very, very cool. Wish I lived a little closer to DeKalb!