Friday, November 06, 2009

I've always been interested in the drafts of covers of poetry books. I've sometimes wondered what some books may have looked like if a different cover decision were made. Like the final versions of Scary, No Scary and The Man Suit, Denny Schmickle is responsible for these drafts (above) as well, though it is entirely possible I meddled way too much for these to feel quite right. 

In hopes of inspiring some of the rest of you with books to post your would-be covers, I thought I would post early drafts of SNS. Anybody else care to share? 


SaturnSalami-OK? said...

No book cover to share, but I did want to say that the first two look too much like the billing posters for the original "Jurassic Park"; my vote is for the very last one with the red background.

BTW, met Heather last night at her reading. She's very nice. I'm glad I went.

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