Monday, September 27, 2010

 I'm starting my intro to film class this week. Here's what we're watching: La Strada (Fellini 1961), White Mane (LaMorisse 1953), Howl (Epstein/Friedman 2010), Blue Velvet (Lynch 1986), The Night of the Hunter (Laughton 1955), Do the Right Thing (Lee 1986), Wendy and Lucy (Reichardt 2008), Ballast (Hammer 2008), Bicycle Thieves (de Sica 1948), Killer of Sheep (Burnett 1977), Breathless (Godard 1960), My Winnepeg (Maddin 2007), The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (Wiene 1920). And some short films: A Girl's Own Story (Campion 1985), Peel (Campion 1982), Bartholomew's Song (2005), Kleingeld (Bochert 1999), Two Cars, One Night (Cohen 2003), Death to the Tinman (Tintori 2006), Alright Love (Valkama 2006), An Andalusian Dog (Bunuel and Dali 1929), Meshes of the Afternoon (Deren 1943), and some Svankmajer, Lynch, and Brakhage shorts.


Derek said...

Saw a Maya Deren retrospective at MoMA last week. So, so awesome.

kristi said...

Hooray for Wendy and Lucy and those sharp Campion shorts. Have you seen her _Passionless Moments_? It's just right.