Friday, February 25, 2011

Stick a fjork in it.

Table of Contents

What Would Kill Me
Fjords of Deaths
Tunguska Event
Because it Comes Right at You Does Not Mean
   It Comes to Save You
Terrible Deer
First Time in Paris
Magazine Stand
The Difference Between Sadness and Suffering
Someone Falls in Love with Someone
The Animal Spell
Death Letter
Unkind Swans
Meat Counter
The Woman Who Falls From the Sky
Movie Theater
New Dress Shirt
Super D
Squirrel Problem
Mermaid Problem
Breath-Holding Championship
New Job Serving Fried Pies
Refrigerator General
Large Refrigerator of the Valley
Testy Pony
Staring Problem
Lost Forest of Nakai
The Person Who Was Expected
The People with Arms
Behind a Wall of Animals
Tiny Castles
A Life in Space
Miner Death
I Love Your Fighting Style
The One About the Robbers
The Donut Hawk
Don't Step on the Frog
After Taking Out the Garbage for the First Time
The Search
Fishing for Stingrays
Costa Rica
Building of Unseen Cats
The Killing Trees
Neighborhood Plague
Leaving the House
The Correct Shape
I am the Dead Person Inside Me
What I Did with the Rock
Casting Out the King of Boys


julee said...

I never read your TOC, only your index.

sasha fletcher said...

excited. mostly fr the index.

DJ Berndt said...

excited for all of it.