Saturday, January 22, 2005

Abraham Lincoln's Death Scene

I'm pretty sure it's time to wrap up things up for this little chapbook I've been working on. It's always hard to tell for me. One more poem? I'm sure I'll tinker it to death after every rejection I get. Ahh, probably start tinkerin' some more on it tonight. I'm obsessed. I think I'm calling it Abraham Lincoln's Death Scene. That title pretty much sums things up. I'll be sending it out soon, one place at a time. No rush on this really. I'd hope the book manuscript gets picked up first.

First though I need a printer to print the thing off. Mine finally died a slow and painful death. Besides, it was sooo 1998. A and I are going to go get a new one right now. A's got all the research notes for picking out a good one right there in her pocket. She always the prepared one.


kate said...

I am going to be a total dork right now and recommend some printers that you might want to look into for publishing chapbooks.

FIRST: a very nice, affordable laserjet printer for the inside guts/text etc.
hp laserjet 1012 (around $150-200)
I have this printer and love having a laserjet around the house. I haven't had to change the toner in months and I print a ton. When printing fine text to xerox, laser jet is the best way to go before reproducing.

SECOND: a very nice oversized photo ink jet print (fits paper up to 13x19)
epson stylus 1280 (a bit more expensive clocking in at around $350 ...but you can usually get rebates etc) I also have this one and this is the printer that recommend all of our design students to get for their project use. The prints are fabulous and really look professional.

I understand if you do not need an oversized photo ink jet, but if you do want a quality standard ink jet printer stick with the Epson brand. Really really excellent.

and that is all.
I am a nerd and like computer accessories.

Suzanne said...

If you can get a laser printer: go for it. The difference in print quality is huge. Happy shopping~*

Zachary Schomburg said...

K, S,

Thanks for the advice. I've written some of those numbers down. Going to Staples right now. I'll let you know what we got. Whee! We have no money.

Zachary Schomburg said...

K, S,

Thanks for all the advice. I've written these numbers down and am going to Staples. I'll let you know what I get. Wheeee! We have no money.

Zachary Schomburg said...

I hate that I accidentally posted twice. I don't know how to delete comments. Anyway and update on my printer: we got an HP 1315. It is an inkjet, sorry K and S, but we just can't thrown around the dough too easily. We owe the Man. K, you know where I'm coming from. Inkjet will be good for what we need right now. But the kicker is it copies and scans too. I think I'll have a lot of fun with that.