Tuesday, January 11, 2005


I'm fully adjusted now to my life as a dayshift dispatcher. I'll do dayshift for a month just like I did overnights for a month. A completely different job when the sun is up. Lots of parking complaints. Lots of dog dropping turds in the neighbor's yard. There are still quite a handful of some good intense in-progress assualt/EMS/domestic abuse calls, just fewer. Today I had a good one: the traffic hazard llama at large meandering down the road toward the interstate. No joke. I think it was Tina look for her fewd. Also got to speak on the phone with my favorite lovely local NBC-affiliate newscaster to set up an interview with the Sheriff. Nico Belha. NIco...Belllllllhaaaaa.

A poem has been a swimmin in my head all day, doing the backstroke. It's about the operator of the heart and lung machine. I mustn't say more. You'd like it. Ima gonna write it now.


will said...

the supreme courtney's dad operates the heart and lung machine i forgot the name of that job. something like "sturgeon" or i don't really remember.

will said...

fucking perfusionist that's it. got it from your poopy trivia. i was reading newest to oldest. i had a lot of catching up to do. still not done. holy ship. what full lives bloggers lead.