Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Been thinking about the Monster Hour a lot recently, one of the two Charles so kindly noted that he admired. I've actually been doing a lot of re-reading of older poems (2-6 months old) rather than writing new ones. I don't why and I don't know if this is healthy. But a lot of them read completely different to me after they've sat on the shelf a little. Some I hate. But the Monster Hour now has struck a newer nerve. It makes me want to cry.


Charles said...

I felt that way about it, too, but I wasn't sure if you'd consider "heartbreaking" a good response to it. There's a turn at the end of the poem that indicates the world doesn't understand itself in some way, and that's the thing about the poem that I really admire.

Craig Morgan Teicher said...

Zach, that's a wonderful poem, really strange and surprising. And sad.