Friday, May 20, 2005

The Canary is one of those mags where each issue could replace Best American Poetry. I get more of the low-down in what's up in a Canary than in a BAP. Or at least, it is more consistently amazing. Issue #4 is out and you should buy it. Look at the line up. And I put one of my good poems in it.

I'm excited about a big yes from Word For/Word. Jonathan Minton does a clean up job with that e-zine. And a big no from American Letters and Commentary. I didn't really want in there anyway.

My 15 year old sister, K, wrote a poem recently. Apparently, it's entered in some sort of contest that she is very excited about it. This makes me smile. It reminds me of my first poems my sophomore year in the HS creative writing course. I remember writing about cotton candy.

When K was in junior high, she had to write a poem for her english class. I told her I'd help and I pretty much just wrote it for her. It had all the metaphors and similes a middles school teacher could want. It ended up getting a B-. My poems can get into some pretty killer mags but they can only score a B- in middle school.

Anyway, I'm proud of her and I miss her and I haven't had a chance to talk to her about it yet and I don't know yet how she'd feel if I put it up on the blog--it's somewhat personal. But maybe soon.


Craig Morgan Teicher said...


I agree about Canary--the new issue was my first one, but I love it. Espescially you and the Rachel Zucker poem--that thing's searing.

But I don't think poems should be given letter grades; they should be graded on effort, and I certainly think you tried very hard.

Tony said...

Dear Zach,

I also agree about the Canary. Can I say that here?

We thank you very kindly for your support.