Monday, July 24, 2006

A and I went to our second ballroom dancing class at the Pla-Mor Ballroom tonight. That's right. I said it. My posture is getting better. Basic steps for the following dances have been learned so far: Fox Trot, Swing, Waltz, Country Waltz. My favorite: country waltz.

Books received:

The Song of Igor's Campaign translated by Bill Johnston
New Translations Osip Mandelstam
Stack by Edwin Frank
Flight Test by Lewis Warsh
shelley gave jane a guitar by Richard Meier
Remnants of Hannah by Dara Wier
Occupational Treatment by Taylor Brady
Flowers of Evil by Charles Baudelaire

I don't know which to read first. I've already nibbled a bit in all of them. I think I'll go with the Lewis Warsh first (he is quickly approaching the middle pack of my po-favs list). Then I'll hit the Meier and the Wier. The 'ier-er's.


Anonymous said...

you should check out the warsh "essay" in CONJUNCTIONS issue on film from lik 3 issues ago. The issue is called "cinema lingua" it think, and the Warsh is just this gossipy and lovely Hollywood piece. Good to see him getting such attention these days.

nevmenandr said...

The parallel corpus of “The Tale of Igor’s Campaign” translations. Feel free to link to this page or to any fragment of "The Tale"