Monday, August 21, 2006

The first day of fall semester has been a successful one. My Russian language class is pretty cool. Smaller than I expected. My professor calls me some Russian version of Zachary that I can't yet pronounce or spell. Today I said the following outloud in Russian: "I have many brothers and sisters" and "I love all of them." Only half of which is true. The classes in which I am a teacher went smoothly. My reading list isn't quite as hip as M's, but I am throwing in some Aimee Bender and some Dave Eggers and some George Saunders and some Al Franken.

After a full and enjoyable afternoon of bicycle pioneering around Lincoln, A and P and I went to a Husker football practice that was open to the public. We're going to be good this year. We're going to restore the order, as the kids here say. Watch out USC. Then we went to the Big Red Welcome last night: filled up on free pizza and stuffed our free bags with free burrito/free haircut coupons.

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