Wednesday, August 23, 2006

My new office at UNL in Black & White: a narrative photo essay.


Paul said...

So your email I forwarded went right next door?

Zachary Schomburg said...

Well, I thought so. It went downstairs to the second floor. But the book contest office, where the submissions come in (I recently learned) is to the left of that door you see, walking outward. The dancing man is James Engelhardt, who has his thumb on the contest (when he's standing still).

Jake Adam York said...

Nice office.

Does that mean you've got an assistantship now?

And what's that "Marilyn Chin" on the file cabinet?

Zachary Schomburg said...

Wow, you have keen computer vision. I can't see that much detail in these pictures. But yes, you did spot the Marilyn Chin stapler. Her name is attached to our stapler. Marilyn Chin staples all our important documents together. Thats all I'm willing to say.

Did you also notice the lovely Jake Adam York broadsheet on the wall? The other, The United States of Barbeque, is now also on the wall just to left of it. And of course, Murder Ballads is on that bookshelf, but I don't expect you to spot that.

And I did get a TA. Thanks for asking.

Do I get to see your office now?

Jake Adam York said...

Can I post a picture here? I've got some shitty office photos, for sure.

What are those broadies north and northwest of "The New Poet"? Those look swell.

I'll post my office on my ladder tomorrow. Turnabout.

Congrats on the TA. And sharing with M.

Denny Schmickle said...



Whatever... I MISS YOU GUYS!
Nice looking office. It looks like a cop show where you guys are like... "working on cases" or something.

"SCHOMBURG! I'm taking you off the case! You're a LOOSE CANNON!"

Here's my office Pre-Re-Arrangement.

Jake Adam York said...


Now you can see my office: