Wednesday, October 31, 2007

I was home alone. I got my first trick'o'treaters around 6:45. My neighbors: little Jack and Sarah. Sarah was glass-slipper stage Cinderella. Jack was a monkey. Then a pirate and princess came to my door. But then I turned off the porchlight and took off. I kinda felt like a jerk. I went to the coffeehouse and read. Came home. Walked the dog. Ate clam chowder. Drank a Sam Adams. Watched Papelbon on Letterman. I was feeling Boston-y.

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Amish Trivedi said...

1) We never get trick or treaters, so we stopped trying.


3) At work, I dressed up as J. Edgar Hoover. When people would ask me HOW I was dressed up as him, I would pull out panty hose and a necklace from my pocket.

4) I'm going as ESPN to a party this Saturday.