Tuesday, February 26, 2008

There is a poem of mine up over at Linebreak. I like Linebreak a lot. It is a place you should visit frequently. My poem is called "January Monster" and if you click in the right place you can have Heather Christle read it to you. It is a poem I lost faith in for some reason and removed from this new manuscript, but when Heather Christle reads it, I believe. I believe in it again. Like some poems in the rest of the manny, it has pants in it, a hole in the roof, a red light. Thanks, Heather.


Eunuchsblues said...

I love it. You should put it back.

Sandra said...

Oooh! Nice poem.

I just had a query/solicitation from the Linebreak folks...If it's good enough for Mr. Schomburg, it's certainly good enough for me.

Heather Christle said...

It was a fun poem to read. And strange. And fun. But mostly strange. But mostly fun. I thought about reading it in a newscaster voice but I did not read it in a newscaster voice.

Are you reading someone's?

Zachary Schomburg said...

I am reading someone's. But I feel compelled to keep it hush hush. It's not yours though.

It was fun to write. And strange. But mostly, it felt strange. I wish you would have read it in an exaggerated Vincent Price voice. Regardless, the part where you say you think it will bite your face off but it will not bite your face off, the way you read that, makes me giddy. I keep rewinding it. I totally trust you. With my face.