Thursday, July 30, 2009

I'm bringing my second book of poems, Scary, No Scary*, to some of your towns**. Print this out and put it on your fridge and circle one or more of the dates that you'll come to a reading. Do your push ups. Be sure to stretch. 

*I won't have any of those limited edition hard covers, so if it's on your list, you'll have to get it now. If you bring one to a reading, I'll give you a longish hug, unless you explicitly say you don't want a hug. 
**I'm trying to get to Chicago in late September. I'll keep you posted. 

Raleigh, NC. 8/15. Saturday. So and So Reading Series w/Jim Goar and Emily Kendal Frey. 

Washington DC. 8/16. Sunday. 4 pm. Cheryl's Gone Reading Series w/Joe Hall and EKF. Big Bear Cafe.  

Philadelphia, PA. 8/18. Tuesday. 6:30. New Philadelphia Poets Reading Series w/ EKF. Fergie's Pub. 

Brooklyn, NY. 8/ 21. Friday. 8pm. UnNameable Books

Brooklyn, NY. 8/22. Saturday.  Stain Reading Series w/EKF, Phil Memmer, Jeni Olin, JodiAnn Stevenson, and Janaka Stucky.

Cambridge, MA. 8/26. Wednesday. 7pm. Deep Moat Reading Series. Pierre Menard Gallery w/EKF and Mark Leidner.
Seattle, WA. 9/10. Thursday. 7pm. Pilot Books w/Sandy Florian. 

Conway, AR. 9/15. Tuesday. Hendrix College. 

Portland, OR. 10/4.  Sunday. 4pm. Powell's Books on Hawthorne w/Andrew Michael Roberts.

Eugene, OR. 10/17. Saturday. 7:30. A-New Poetry Series w/Kate Greenstreet and EKF.

Portland, OR. 10/21. Wednesday.  Sage Said So Reading Series w/Judith Arcana and Kristin Berger.


Dusty said...

Lincoln, Nebraska's heart is breaking.

Zachary said...

Aaaaw man... I'm leaving NY early the 21st. Come to Buffalo. We'll hang out.

hoverby said...

Hey, if you're getting to Chicago in late September, do you want to do a reading in St Louis then? There's a new chapbook store in town, and lots of eager writing students......

mth said...

hey Zachary, I'm trying to work out some child care arrangements for the friday night gig because my wife will be in denver at the time, but maybe we can meet up that night or saturday for a drink or coffee or record buying in billyburg....

hope you're well.

mark horosky

Brennen Wysong said...

The Antlers are plating in NYC on the 21st. Read fast.

A Dog's Best Friend said...

please, please come to the southwest!