Wednesday, July 08, 2009

I've been watching hysteria films for 3 weeks straight now for my film class. I'm a little paranoid. I'm surrounded by coffee shop patrons at the moment and I find myself looking for signs of soul-lessness. I'm convinced one guy is a communist zombie. I'm pretty sure he just called the barista his comrade. I'm going to call the president.


DJ Berndt said...

Haha. You should give him some sort of compassion test like in a Philip K. Dick novel.

TheAnalSexGuy said...

Dear God! I had a comment, but then I realized what my user name is. Jesus! As an explanation: My ex fiancee (The one I was visiting in Russia when we got stuck) was into that, and I wrote a lot of poems about it.

Anyhow, SO. Speaking of soulless commies: Why not simply stab this guy. You know if he's really soulless he won't bleed, and if he has a soul God will take it up to heaven to be with the aaaaaangelllsss. Sounds reasonable to me, at least.:-P