Friday, October 02, 2009

I'm in Chicago. I'm drinking an iced-tea with milk in it in a coffeeshop up north on Clark St. I'm going to get picked up soon to go to DeKalb for that art opening I was trying to tell you about a few days ago. Are you coming? I'm a little anxious. My feet feel like heavy axes, my back feels like a wet 2x4, my bones are hot rusting water pipes. 


Eli Hemistich said...

Just think of all the firewood you can chop, just by running down the street.

TheAnalSexGuy said...

Yes,you know I would definitely come because I truly believe you're the best poet of our generation. BUT, I am in the tropics, and anyhow, you have not responded to my e-mails in a long, long time. What gives?