Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Emily Kendal Frey and I are reading from our new chapbook, Ok, Goodnight (Futuretense 2010) at Ampersand Books (2916 NE Alberta, B) at 7:30pm this coming Friday. Reading with us will be local fictionist, Pauls Toutonghi, author of Red Weather (Random House 2007), and traveling New York fictionist, Justin Taylor, author of Everything Here is the Best Thing Ever (Harper Perennial 2010). Justin will also read at Powells downtown on the following Sunday (4/4).

I am always excited to read these collaborations with Emily. Reading them aloud is a lot like a collaboration too. She has been interviewed for The Collagist here, for the Studio One blog here, and has spoken a little about the collaborative process. And I thought you should know what to look out for in terms of her own future publications. She has two chapbooks forthcoming (non-collaborative) that I couldn't be more excited about owning (and reading again). The first, which should exist in a matter of weeks, is Frances (Poor Claudia). Please trust me: you want this. It is going to be beautiful in every way. If you don't know about her powers, go to the Airport.

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