Wednesday, March 03, 2010

There is a lot of news to tell you about Octopus Books, but the news is so new, it's not even ready to share yet. I'm talking about the 13th issue of Octopus Magazine (with 8 Recovery Projects! along with amazing poems, etc) which will be up this month. I'm talking about the redesign of our Octopus Books website, which is on the horizon. I'm talking about our new chapbooks from Emily Pettit and Patrick Culliton which we'll reveal and release at the AWP bookfair. I'm talking about the off-site Thursday night reading between Octopus Books, Ugly Duckling Presse, Canarium Books and Wave Books. But I'm not ready to really tell you about that stuff yet.

Right now, I can remind you that Octopus Books will be reading full-length poetry manuscripts again in April. We'll select a title or two to release in 2011. And like last year, our submissions process allows for you to submit your manuscript as an email attachment, and with complete anonymity to the editors and readers.

Also, check out our new idea for submitting (it's on the submit page too): You can bring your manuscript to our table at the AWP Bookfair in Denver. If you do that, we'll put it in a pile without looking at the title, and we'll give you some kind of discount on book purchases. So, get your mannies ready.

I'm also ready to tell you that our 2009 full-length authors, Matvei Yankelevich and Heather Christle, are reading together at SpaceSpace in Queens on March 13 at 8pm. Octopus has put in for some wine. It's on us, so go drink it.

There's that. I'll tell you more about the other stuff soon.

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