Wednesday, February 02, 2005

I promise not to break the concert t-shirt rule: I will not wear my Good Life tee to any upcoming Good Life shows. The generous Gina Myers sent me this tee via post. I was the only blogger apparently to respond to her offering, so I got it. This is appropriate because we seem to share a similar fondness for all things Saddle Creek. Posted by Hello


kate said...

I can't believe that the good life actually makes t-shirts and sells them. They have totally sold out. I can't take them seriously anymore.
why can't it just be about the music?

(this is where I insert a ridiculous emoticon of a goofy smiley face)

anyway, I wish I could find an online internet t-shirt sending friend.

also, I got the new bright eyes. my friend garth went and saw them in atlanta this weekend. He told me that he failed humanity because he was backstage and saw trey anastasio Pfrom Phish and totally missed his chance of taking him out.

did you get the free BE download on itunes? you should.

Zachary Schomburg said...

Kate, Good Life is not selling out. They are doing their part to solve the clothing famine. I for one would have had nothing to wear today if it weren't for my internet tee giving buddy and the Good Life.

Phish sucks.

I don't do iTunes. I just don't. I just buy cds and records. So do jibs.

kate said...

oh zach, I hope you realize that I was joking about the t-shirt, you know making light of the merch situation discussion about octopus. oh god, I am so not funny.

and when I said that my friend Garth missed his chance of taking trey out, he meant killing him, not taking him out to eat.

and yes, phish does suck

and I think itunes is good because when you don't have a cd store near you that has listening stations, you can at least listen to music on itunes instead. I have spent hours on there, seriously.

Zachary Schomburg said...

Oh Kate, of course you were joking, thus my terrific joke back about the clothing famine. All this new explanation was unneeded. You ARE very funny. Your earlier jokes made me ALOL.

And I know you know Phish sucks. My "Phish sucks" was a supportive confirmation not a combative declaration.

Oh, the miscommunication written banter brings!