Wednesday, August 17, 2005

I'm being oriented all day today. Got a job at Wesleyan University here in Lincoln and spent the morning absorbing information. Must go home and bend and twist the old syllabus to fit Wesleyan-style. I did find out that my office is directly across the hall from new poet hire Michael Dumanis. I know a little (enough) about Mr. Dumanis to know I am a fan, or could be a bigger one. I have read some of his poems in LIT and some other mags. Fun to know I'm across the hall. We can chit-chat about po-biz sometime. Also learned that Dean Young is tentatively scheduled to read at Wesleyan. Hey hey. I wasn't supposed to say anything because the gig ain't been finalized yet. So, keep it hush. But, I hope he comes. Maybe I can turn his visit into a kickoff for my own Octopus sponsored Lincoln-based reading series. Could I be more ahead of myself? I'm thinking outloud now.

Off to new student orientation at UNL. I got a nice clean folder (New Kids on the Block folder circa 1989) to put all my multi-colored handouts in.


kate said...

congrats on the job! that was quick and great...probs a big relief as well. Happy you are back in lincoln. Drink some dollar dad's beer in a can at duffy's tonight for me (tuesday night special by the way)

Denny Schmickle said...

Hey Zach.
That's beyond awesome.

So maybe I'll just bump into you on campus sometime!
I hope we have homeroom together!!!


JWG said...

The teaching thing rocks. Very happy for you. It is good to get people, including yrself, excited about poetry. Are you teaching a lit class or a creative writing class?