Monday, August 01, 2005

I've been busy, what with moving and all. Lots of things to do. I'm buried in boxes. A and I took a break from it all and went on a hike up the mountain. Beautiful views. She has the camera though at her last week on the Crow Reservation so I guess I'll have to prove it some other time. Been trying to get this special sixth issue of Octopus out but my internet was on the fritz since Saturday afternoon. I've been disconnected from the world. Look for it though by tonight.

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Craig Morgan Teicher said...

Hey Zach,

Just started in on the new issue--I've got a ways to go--but you did a damn impressive job, on both the content and the design. Congrats! I look forward to making my way through it.

And good luck on the move; B. and I just went through that. It ain't easy, and the boxes are your master.