Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Octopus Note: If you are trying to submit poems, know that there is a bit of a clog in the system. We're getting it cleared up and the damn thing should take your poems in the next few days. So, chill. Just chill.

Met with Anthony today down at the Mill in the Haymarket. Going to try to make this my "hangout" as much as possible. Gonna get my study on there, I think. We talked shop, which is what I've wanted to do for a long time with Mr. Hawley, but so much was left unaddressed. Next time. We did cover Greg Kuzma, Ben Marcus, Brandon Shimoda/Phil Cordelli, Hilda Raz, Wayne Chambliss, Eugene Ostashevsky, Andrea Zanzotto, and Russian Absurdism and Translations. He gave me some Ben Marcus to read, and his own Ugly Duckling chapbook. Apparently, Marcus' Father Costume sounds a lot like my Man Suit. I wasn't copying--we'll see after the read. Had to ditch Anthony to go watch War of the Worlds (the 1953 version for Cold War Hysteria in Film and Lit and Culture class I'm taking).

Internet may be up at home now. Gotta go see. If so, pictures are to follow. I think A is cooking up some bbq beef sandwiches tonight (that I put in the slow cooker). Mmm.

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