Thursday, September 01, 2005

I did my regular weekly check on the new Fence to see if it is up and online yet, and today, lo and behold, I saw a different page. I am so excited. I badly want to see my name on their site. But all I could see were a gi-normous pair of milky white breasts. And, of all places I had to be for this great moment, I am in the public computer lab with my screen facing outward. I had to click away--I am too scared to go back. I really don't want to be the computer lab perv. I can't wait to go home and scan the issue (and maybe get a better look at the boobies).

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Craig Morgan Teicher said...

Those are milky white breasts...and congrats! And you're linked, an example of the fine work to be found in the issue. My friend Jesse Ball's in there to--check him out. Chilling last sentences to your poem; I assume that's where the manny title comes from. That poem puts a really different spin on what the title is about.