Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I voted today. I feel dirty though. The experience wasn't quite the same as it was in Ohio. In these woods, it is a little less satisfying because there is such a small number of candidates that completely represent my own beliefs. All the candidates pander, more or less, to conservative/Religious Nebraska values--even the Dems. And the third party system here is extremely broken. Regardless, I cancelled out my neighbor's vote.


kate said...

hey we cancelled out votes today too! ditto on your statements...though I did get some satisfaction voting against trent lott.

Stephanie King said...

I've been visiting your blog now for a couple weeks... and I think it's interesting. I just wanted to ask permission to link you.

And so I very humbly ask:

"May I link you?"

Zachary Schomburg said...


Nebraska actually surprised me a tad. Some tight races.


Yes, please do. Nice to meet you, but you should email me.

riley said...

I helped to vote in some cool people here in Minneapolis, including Keith Ellison, the first Muslim congressman. Most of my races were landslide dem. The only race where I feel like my vote my vote really mattered is the governor race, in which the gop incumbent is ahead by 0.08%. That's still 20,000 votes, though, and I think it's hopeless.

Too bad you're not in MT anymore, Zach. You might have had a chance to vote for Tester. (I'm not sure whether Bozeman is in his district, though.)

--Riley, glued to VA/MT results