Wednesday, November 08, 2006

I've been pretty happy with my po-writing as of late, and the new manny is making progress. In fact, I sent out some poems to two mags today--something I haven't done (unsolicited) since April. Feels good.

And it is really hot here. The heat, for November, is a tad apocalyptic. I'm going to go grade papers outside in this lovely apocalyptic heat.


Trent said...

Hey, Zach,

Bravo on the mailed po's.

I don't normally comment, but I have been following along via syndication.

I might have chapbook out myself. If it works out, and if you're interested, want to do a reading or two together?

Might be fun.


Zachary Schomburg said...


Congrats. It would be good to see you again. I'm down with the reading. Email me. Let's do this.