Wednesday, November 29, 2006

I was invited by one of my students to attend an invite-your-professor dinner at his fraternity house. I went though I'm not exactly sure why. Perhaps because of the following reasons: it is difficult for me to turn down free food and I have never before been inside a fraternity house. It was surprisingly pleasant with the exception of the pre-dinner chanting and elaborate introductions. I was completely underdressed apparently. I was rocking my chucks and a Matt Pond PA shirt. The fraternity brothers were all wearing slacks and ties. And the other professors were wearing their gear: elbow patches and pantsuits and whatnot. So my elaborate introduction was a little uncomfortable. The food was good. A chicken & swiss dish. Apple pie a la mode. They had their own chef. I ate 3 helpings of warm vegetables. I asked questions like: so, can girls stay over? I was a little out of my element. But it was a nice gesture of this student. And they had a terrific trophy case.

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