Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Hyah! I'm done for the semester (in an academic sense). I'm now wearing the first day version of the outfit that I will wear constantly for a couple weeks. I was happy with how my paper turned out. I'm not going to post it here, but you can have the title: Problematizing the Removal of the Wink Wink: A New Sincerity in the Context of the Post Avant. Thank you to the following public rhetoricians for their fuel: (straight from the Works Cited page): Aitken, Behrle, Canary, CWHOBB (have you seen what is over there now? This gave me much to consider), Corey, Hart (I just wrote Corey, Hart), Epstein, Glenum, Hoy, Jensen, Mayhew, Massey, Mohammad (2), Octopus, Robinson (3), Silliman, Snyder, Sullivan and Tost.


Andrea Baker said...


I'd very love to read that paper... much I could say but the whole thing is such a confusion to me that I'll spare you and myself.

I hope yr up for sharing by email if you don't want to post it.

andrea @ claankdotcom

Tony said...

Hey Zach,

As Chief Architect of the New Sincerity, I'd appreciate a copy of that paper!

Thanks, (wink!)

Tony said...

perhaps my email address would help.