Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Night #26: Regina, Saskatchewan. 8150 miles. We hiked south of Lake Louise in Banff before starting home. It was a very popular trail, paved even, to this waterfall, then we took it beyond that for a ways to find some ink pots. We started really early (in order to make it out of Banff for a long drive across Canada's heartland), so the trail was empty when we started, but when we came back, we entered some sort of strange Disneyland universe. There was even a sno-cone booth set up at beginning of the trail that I swear was not there when we started. Hmm. Then we drove through Saskatchewan. It is flat. Flatter than Nebraska. But we were still far enough north that the sun set for an entire hour and a half. That's a good combination. If I were to fall in love and marry a horizon, it may be Saskatchewan's.

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