Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The Medici fundraiser for the Art Department is this Saturday at 6:30, but since you're probably going to The Clean Part reading, you won't be able to make it. You can, however, go check out this really bangin' book of mine called 7 poems from Scary, No Scary constructed by Denise Brady (I already told you about this) in the gallery in Richards Hall through Sat, March 8, from noon to 4. It's cool. I'm going to go look at it again tomorrow around 2:30 so maybe I'll meet you there. Ok?
I'm going to go to The Mill tonight and grade papers I think. Listen to some Godspeed and Yndi Halda and Explosions in the Sky and just start marking them up. Then I'll come home and listen to the entire Galaxie 500 boxset which Dave just let me borrow.
One of two things is going to happen for me: I'm either going to get a haircut soon because I am getting super-shags, or I am not going to get a haircut for a while. Hmm. Hmmmmmmm. Hmm.

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