Wednesday, March 26, 2008

When you walk does the noise of a tree with all the dead leaves still attached

Full of Knives translated back to English on Google. I like this so much better than the original.


1) His back is full of knives. The blades are engraved the writing.
2) On the night sleeping face down in his area of plaster.
3) have any problems with the metal detector.
4) At birthday parties there is always someone who asks politely excuse, I pass a knife to cut the chocolate cake?
5) He prefers to stay with their backs to the wall, the restaurant sits at the tables.
6) There is an investigator who called him to ask them questions about writing. And also: a biographer, a woman who wants to shoot a documentary, the curator of a museum, his mother. Can not read, respond, I ce on the back.
7) No one goes in mind that he wants to remove the knives back.
8) Almost all the writing is illegible. One, however, is written in French.
9) Every Halloween we traveste by victim of a brutal murder. Once tried to travestirsi from whale was a problem but justify knives.
10) always wears the same dress bloodied.
11) When you walk does the noise of a tree with all the dead leaves still attached.
12) His knives are safe for children, as long as we do not rise above.
13) At the park sees its shadow. Move your body so that the knives area llunghino on others. He began to do so every night. The shadows of its knives seem tènere open arms.
14) On his back no longer place.
15) During a trip to Paris and falls in love there remains some years. It performs on the street with the most famous mime.
16) I used the knives to stay whole. It's written that kills slowly.
17) It is difficult to embrace when cries.
18) She Will Die in old age and the doctor will say, it is clear, was brutally and repeatedly stabbed. I am sorry, then the doctor will say the person left out, but I fear that she will not.

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Kevin said...

Zach, there is a dada quality to

I wrote a poem illustrating such

I thought you might like it