Sunday, November 30, 2008

Christmas Wish List #1

1. A nice little vintage bike with fenders, white wall tires, 3 (or more) speeds, a good paint job, a place to put a basket, and a headlamp.

2. Subscriptions to the following periodicals: 


SaraP said...

Pretty sweet wheels, there. Sans basket and horn, which is a touch dissapointing, however I will let that slide.

If you really aim to get what you want; you should use this bad boy. It involves a man of very small stature and pointy ears.

kateconsumption said...

I am in love with that yellow bike. speaking of yellow, I think I would like to live in a yellow house. I am really liking yellow, lately. Never been through a yellow phase. This is new for me.

oh yeah, and GET A DAMN BIKE. jesus. you live in portland. let's ride!!!!

Alisa H / Jake G said...

no joke. i rode a bike that looked just like that for years. same bright yellow. Alisa and i called it "big yellow bike".

bechof said...

I have a yellow bike like that. Mine has a basket on the back. It has a crest on the front with two lions holding a globe and it says, "special deluxe". I named it Rebikea, because I am Rebecca.