Saturday, December 11, 2004

Holiday Wish List: Addendum A

ii. Lit

i. GC Waldrep's Goldbeater's Skin
ii. Matthea Harvey's Sad Little Breathing Machine

i. Tony Tost American Poet poster (currently a broken link)

Note: This is an addendum. The items on this list should not receive priority over the items on the original list (scroll down) and will therefore not be ranked. At best these items are of parallel priority, though still highly desired (and will likely be purchased post-holidays if not received).


didi said...

Don't count on the T.T. poster. He made some weird comments about it on my blog so I took it down.

didi said...

P.S. If you are a good poet, Santa will bring you your own poster with blue eyes. She needs your address.

Tony Tost said...


Yeah, I made some really frickin weird comments about how it might be a good idea to run the idea by people before making and *selling* posters of them (that while I thought it was funny & weird & beyond kitsch to see that a person I didn't know was all of the sudden selling a poster of me, some people actually might be less than amused to being turned into merchandise -- not everyone's a giddy capitalist & some poets I'd guess would be very offended) (a poster?). I also mentioned it might not be smart to market and sell Jim Morrison posters since his name and likeness are probably copyrighted and you could get in trouble -- the record industry types are absolutely ruthless. I was trying give you a heads-up before you got yourself in trouble.

Your future $12.99 American Poet coffee mug,

Tony Tost

didi said...

Tony - your image will not be on any coffee cup or anything else for that matter. Your image is no longer available. Period.

Do have a nice day hear?

Anonymous said...

the matthea harvey book is some good, fun stuff. i taught it in my intermediate poetry class this fall, and they mostly liked it, though a small group of my students felt that harvey "is just trying to prove how clever she is. And I don't really care, man, you know?" Hopefully santa comes through & you can be the judge. -jen tynes

Tony said...


Feel free to replace the Tony Tost american poet poster with a Tony Robinson poster.

I like being turned into merchandise.