Friday, December 31, 2004

My New Year's Resolution

for the third year in a row is to quit smoking. This, again, should be relatively easy because I am not and never have been a smoker.

Also, to cuss more.


didi said...

jiminie cricket......I think my resolution will be to start smoking and stop cussing.

Tony said...


You beat me to it!


Laura Carter said...

Good luck!

As an ex-smoker (I started when I was 14), the hardest part will be, I will tell you, hanging out in bars.

Tony said...

Not if you live in California or certain cities in Oregon.

Well, maybe not. As a non-smoker I simply don't understand. I've smoked cigarettes before--I've just never done it regularly.

Anonymous said...

Shit ya dude! Fuckin cuss more! That's fuckin awesome! We'll cuss like motherfucker's in 2005!! Cock!