Tuesday, December 21, 2004

I'm wearing my most recently purchased post-modernly worn t-shirt. I went to Wal-Mart tonight (forgive me) to buy Napoleon Dynamite. It was 2 am and should've been shelved at midnight for it is a Tuesday release, but I had to make the little old blue vested lady go to the back and open a box. She said she liked my shirt and I thanked her. I told her I wear it cuz it's so damn true. I'm 27. I suppose that info is helpful to the joke. It makes it funny, kind of. Posted by Hello


Reb said...

Yeah, suddenly 40 doesn't seem so bad!

Anonymous said...

My T-shirt says "I'd rather drink a 40 than be pregnant". OR maybe it should say "I'd rather be drinking a 40 while pregnant."

That reminds me, have you ever heard the band I Hate You When You're Pregnant?

-Andy Mr.

Tony said...

Mine sez: "I'd rather drink a forty when I'm forty."

Rumor has it that Andy Mr. can drink two forties in a sitting. Based on his performance of Sat. evening, I'd have to say it's possible, but unlikely.

Anonymous said...

Tony, that's harsh. I can easily drink two forties in a sitting. Come on--Maybe not Hurricane or King Cobra, not at my age.


Tony said...


Can you drink two forties of Olde English in one sitting?

I throw down the gauntlet.


kate said...

I just think that it is funny that we would expect WAL-MART of all places to actually care about shelving tuesday releases at midnight. I am assuming that since moving to a smaller town, you have had to visit the WAL-MART more than you would like. Us too. We hate it. It sounds like the people at your WAL-MART are a bit more friendly. Our friendly WAL-MART workers don't even say Hi back when we say hi at the register. On two occasions I had the woman who works in fabrics cut me several yards of fabric without talking to me or EVEN FUCKING LOOKING at me. The south is filled with non-verbal retail transactions. I never thought I would miss fake small talk at registers, but when it is gone, the void is deafening..