Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Unpacking. Packing. I'm now shuffling papers and folding trousers for the trip to Austin. I'm very excited for this little adventure. If you want to ask me in person how excited I am, stop by the Octopus/Typo/Copper Nickle/StorySouth table. We'll give you a button. Sell you a cheap t-shirt or a beautiful broadsheet designed by Denny. You should see how these things turned out:

Jen Knox's "Poster in the Waiting Room: Phantom Arm" from #5

Donald Revell's "Thinking in the World" from #4

Lara Glenum's "How to Discard the Life You've Now Ruined" from #7

Daniil Kharms' "One Man Fell Asleep a Believer..." translated by Eugene Ostashevsky from #7

And we'll answer all your questions about #8.

Also, I'll be reading at the LIT reading with some of my po-heroes. See you around.

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