Friday, April 07, 2006

Had a lovely b-day dinner with A and the 'rents and my sister. Got a few more presents (revolutionary shaving cream now that I'm shaving my face again, and a small rubber girl with bat wings). Then tonight A and I will got rocked by Eagle-Seagull at Denny's thesis show. Tomorrow maybe a little Huskers vs Mizzou baseball. Then after that, I must buckle down and write some papers. It's academic crunch time for the next two weeks. I need to write papers on Marisol Limon Martinez's After You Dearest Language, Harryette Mullen's Sleeping with the Dictionary, a longer one discussing the politics of found poetry, and a really long one on the internet's hand in shaping/unshaping post-colonial poetics/theory.

But instead I wrote a review on Chris Tonelli's short poem chapbook, Wide Tree. Maybe you should not do your homework and read it.

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Anonymous said...

Since you have to write a review on Marisol's book "after you, dearest language"; check out her artwork at Interesting counterpoint to her book.