Monday, June 26, 2006

A and I are back and getting re-adjusted. I went immediately to the cornfields this morning and managed to overheat and leafcut the mountains right out of me. We both miss them already. We had a killer time. We hiked, floated, karaoked, tented, hung with B, campfired, and ate out. Here are some pics.

On Thursday's hike, we made it to the top of the Hyalite trail, up on top of it all. Our noses we're running and there was snow. We're not in shape or anything. We took a granola bar break about every 15 minutes. You can see G in that tree's shadow.

Me. Hyalite Valley south of Bozeman.

Here's that camping spot I was telling you about. We lucked out. In a folding chair around that fire ring on the left is where some of you got your chapbook submissions read. All of those passed to the next round.

A and G.


A taking in the mountains on our way back home. We went through Teton National Park. This is the range just north of the Tetons.

Somewhere in Yellowstone. Taken from the car. I won't lie to you.

Lil' Buffalo in Yellowstone.

This is a very small chunk of the very large and desolate and wide open Wind River Indian Reservation. It is just east of the Tetons. Very few people live between the Tetons and Casper, WY. When I say very few people, I mean a few Native Americans on this reservation and maybe a smattering of cattle ranchers. It feels so good to be able to breathe out here, where no one else is. But I was a little upset crossing this reservation. There are only 2 billboards. One for the Army. And the other for a Holiday Inn about 100 miles away. It had three attractive white children with huge smiles. Great teeth. Gap-ish outfits. It said "Kids Stay Free". I wanted to spraypaint on it. Maybe the word "White" in front of "Kids."

There are the Tetons in the back. And a moose right in the center.

Z. My Series of Sneaks T.


riley said...

It sounds like a great trip. I passed through Nebraska while you were gone. Got a "hi, how are you" from a nice highway patrolman who reduced my speed on paper from 87 to 85 in a 75 to save me a bit of cash. Yes, U-Hauls can go that fast; the governor kicks in at 90.

Denny Schmickle said...

those pictres are awesome and I hate moving trucks.

kate said...

britt daniels approves of your vacation. and your shirt.

Kevin said...