Wednesday, June 07, 2006

A few of you have been attempting to spin your musical influence into my cornjob Ipod playlists, but I will not buy what you are selling. While I understand that satanic (and Satan-free) Black Metal, as well as normal metal, can make for a delightful listen, it really has no place in the cornfield like, say, y'allternative. With that said, this week, some of my favorite punkrock has creeped into the mix. It isn't metal, but I can ho a row a lot faster listening to Minor Threat than Low. Here 'tis:

Action Patrol On Patrol
Bonnie Prince Billy I See a Darkness
Built to Spill The Normal Years
Butterglory Rat Tat Tat
Descendents Milo Goes to College
The Elected Sun, Sun, Sun
The Get Up Kids Four Minute Mile
Johnny Cash Folsom Live
Kissing Book Lines and Color
Lifetime Jersey's Best Dancers
Minor Threat Complete Discography
NoFx Liberal Animation
Promise Ring 30 Degrees Everywhere

But the battery ran out by mid-day and I had to resort to carrying on a conversation with my fellow co-workers. I'm not so sure they were too interested in talking to me. I asked them which would be the superior hypothetical new food invention, or the one that they'd rather eat: the donut burrito or the burrito donut. Well, which would you choose? I think the donut burrito would be a superior product. It would be called the Donito.

I wonder if Jon Pack would approve or disapprove of the Donito. Mathias has started a little bloggy blog where Jon Pack approves or disapproves of stuff. This is the new source of all of my opinions. Maybe it could be the new source of all of your opinions too. If so, the two of us could have a conversation but not really have anything to argue about, in a friendly manner.


gina said...

For the first time since I was in high school I recently listened to Lifetime's Jersey's Best Dancers. I forgot how good that album is! I also have been bringing back Texas is the Reason's Do You Know Who You Are? into regular rotation on my work itunes...

will said...

in defense of the sabbath advice, the first album, black sabbath, is a more bluesy rock sound than later endeavors. true, the lyrics are of darkly mysterious fantasy, but they have more of a feel as that of david bowie's "please mr. gravedigger". it's like cream did the ballad of bilbo baggins.
a: a burrito donut is a physical impossibility or at least a huge pain in the rump, so i would choose the donito. i would choose the donito over sopapillas but not over flan.
b: does jon pack approve or disapprove of jon pack?
c: do you agree or disagree with said approval or disapproval?

(my word verification was gbvmry)

Denny Schmickle said...

Zach is RIGHT!

We sorted this out over some warm brews. I no longer question his stuff.

will said...

who is questioning your taste, zach? tell me that. well, apparently, schmickle did. i think a number of people, especially myself, respect zach's musical opinion. after he and i parted ways, i spent a lot of money in chi town record shops restocking my musical pond with gems he turned me on to. when i need to get an album and i can't think of anything, there are three people i call. z is one of them. we've shared a lot of recipes and i was just excited by some new things that he was sharing and wanted to trade this old, fantastically good chilli recipe i rediscovered. fuck it.

kate said...

is it wrong to have no desire to listen to the new BTS? is it wrong to think the cover art is totally groady? is it wrong to only want to see BTS live if it were 1998 and not in 2006? does that make me close minded? old?

It is only a result from their first albums being so fine, so perfect, so wonderful that I need no more.

Anonymous said...

i wonder what the odds are of getting your own name as word verification


dntzedi said...

I think my chances are pretty good!

Zachary Schomburg said...

Ha! Oh, Xyfnuu and Dntzedi, you two are too much.

Steven D. Schroeder said...

I advocated some Bad Religion, but apparently Blogger swallowed the comment...