Sunday, June 18, 2006

We got a real kick out of last night's Clean Part. Paula Cisewski, Juliet Patterson, and Sarah Fox were all amazing readers--they all know their poems so well and how they should be read and their banter was spot on. These 3 work so well together, weaving in and out of each other's sets. You should hire them to do your next party.

Sarah and Paula stayed with A and I--they were excellent house guests, so clean and polite. I learned a lot from them about first books, po-biz nuances, etc. Making friends.

You want to see some pictures? I'll show you mine. And you can look at Mathias' too. I look smashing in those.

Paula, Sarah, and Rachel Moritz in Tugboat's alley. Loitering.

James, and new PhD student at Nebraska, Cody. On the right is Sarah, Rachel, and Juliet. Stella Artois and Rasberry Lambics between us all.

Juliet Patterson reading from The Truant Lover.

Paula Cisewski reading from Upon Arrival.

Sarah Fox and Paula reading from Because Why.

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